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The nomads' favorite places in Florence!

Trattoria Diladdarno


Typical Tuscan Management Trattoria  familiar with a menu a la carte variable according to the season, and more daily recipes according to  the fantasy  of the chef. It is the right place if you want to eat Bistecca a la Fiorentina, pasta and homemade desserts. Also recommended the selection  of cheeses and sausages. Garden  Silent house, free mineral water, free service and cutlery. It is advisable to reserve.


Pizzeria I  Camaldoli

Simply one of the best  pizzerias  in the city, located behind  from the Central Market of San Lorenzo


Trattoria dell'orto


V ia dell'Orto, 35A

Italian trattoria with a lot of variety of recipes not only Tuscan. At noon, every day, a different menu complete with first course, second course and drink for only 10 euros. It stands out for its fast service.;aggregationId=101&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=182000890


Le Murate Literary Cafe

Every day  from 6 to 9pm this fantastic  place away from the hustle and bustle of the historic center  offers all its customers a buffet  appetizer including pasta, meats, grilled vegetables, stews, salads and much more  for only 8 euros!

includes a cocktail, beer or wine


Trattoria Da Ginone


Tuscan Management Trattoria  familiar with recipes from the Tuscan tradition such as Peposo dell'Impruneta, Ribollita and sausage  with beans. Highly recommended too  fresh homemade pasta and own red wine  production.


I Raddi di Santo Spirito


Plaza santo Spirito Bocateria and gastronomy  typical  Tuscany ideal when you are in a hurry, such as between one tour and another or before entering the Pitti Palace! Very good selection  of Tuscan cheeses and sausages, but also  cold dishes  like salads and savory cakes of various kinds. Excellent if you want to eat a sandwich with the traditional Florentine Lampredotto sitting down.

Open every day  all day.

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