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Introductory Free Tour:

The Wonders of Florence

Art at its finest

  • Tour of the fundamental places of the cradle of the Renaissance through the stories of its artisans

 Every day in English at 10:00 & 16:30


Complementary free tour:

Florentine Stories and Legends

Popular Florence and its ancient traditions

  • Tour through the stories of the Florentine tradition,  artisans, merchants, the rise of their society

Every day in English 10:00

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Why to choose 


  • NOMADS is the only group of guides that does not have a scripteach tour is unique and unrepeatable.

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We are mainly a group of friends that love to travel, for many reasons related to our professions we decided to establish in the wonderful cities of Florence and Venice to study its History and Culture.

The group is formed by Architects, Art Historians, Professors, Artists and a sommelier to name some of our areas of study. We all are official guides endorsed by the Tuscany law.

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